sockeye marigold

sockeye marigold

welcome to our very rough webpage. hopefully it will be updated shortly.

NEWS: We have a show!!  Wednesday, January 17th at Knickerbockers,
also featuring The Creatures of Habit (not the metal ones from Omaha, 
the ORIGINAL Creatures of Habit!), Crush the Clown, and The Black Dahlias.

Scott and I are live performance-in-a-bar virgins, so come watch us loose it.

band members:
scott schreiter - guitar, vocals, left brain -
julee dunekacke - vocals, guitar, right brain -
mark johnson - bass, fingerpicking, time changes -
chris johnson - drums, baby piano, toys -

honorary members:
jennifer dunekacke - plays bass when mark is in colorado
george overfield - he's the drummer from guru who was ours for a day.
the reverend james - our drummer summer 2000

our equipment:
mark - blonde acoustic guitar, fender squire bass (red), crate 30 amp, keyboard
scott - epiphone casio, fender japaneese stratocaster (red with trucker sticker),
fender solid state amp (not sure make/model), sunn half stack, ibanez acoustic
guitar, keyboard, big muff pedal
julee - fender squire chineese stratocaster (with glitter heart stickers), american
standard fender telecaster (maroon), peavy classic 20 amp, marshall jcm900 head w/
1960 cabinet, korg pandora II, 166mmx puter w/hammerhead, rebirth, coolwave and acid,
killer the samick acoustic guitar (that i have to share with jen), ebow II
chris - 2 drumkits, keyboard, sampler, and some weird thing you can wave your
hands over to make noises (it's not a theremin)

musical influences:
R.E.M., PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Guided By Voices, 
The Cure, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tori Amos, Afghan Whighs

other influences: 
money, power, alcohol, ex's, nudity, feedback, hips, confidence, 
practice space pixie sticks

other bands:
mark - previously in seven mile summit, working on solo material
scott - could be taking over for the departing guru guitarist
julee - minion rings, mister baby, 
the greater good (aka julee and the greater good), the fun city girls 
(gbv cover band, aka the key loosers)

other talents:
fixing the electricity in our practice space when we blow a fuse

our favorite local music links and bands: KRNU 
(the only way we seem to get anything recorded lately
...check out their local inferno page!),,
king jellyfish, 
the black dahlias,
creatures of habit,   
knickerbockers (venue), 
drive-by honky and crush the clown have no websites.  neither does pablo's triangle.

fall 1998 - university of nebraska - lincoln, university program council's
talent show.  no johnsons, feat. jennifer dunekacke on bass. setlist: 
1. be mine (r.e.m. cover)

march 25th 2000 - university of nebraska - lincoln, PETA Benefit.
george overfield on drums.  setlist:
1. Sonic Dress 
2. Angry Song 
3. Derailed 
4. Buckeye Boy 
5. Satisfied 
6. Boxcars (carnival of sorts), (r.e.m. cover) 

april 2000 - KRNU Local Inferno Acoustic Show
julee and scott only.
1. Sonic Dress 
2. Buckeye Boy 
3. Derailed 
4. I am 
5. Prozac Princess 
6. Satisfied 
7. Country Feedback (r.e.m. cover) 

november 17th 2000 - First Secret Show - Complete Band
1. Sonic Dress 
2. Half-n-Half 
3. Spoke Too Soon 
4. Derailed 
5. Prozac Princess 
6. Buckeye Boy 
7. Satisfied 
8. Country Feedback (R.E.M. Cover) 
9. Seconds 
10. Carnival of Sorts (R.E.M. Cover, impromptu) 

december 3rd 2000 - KRNU Hot Lunch Battle of the Singer Songwriters
we placed third out of 10 bands on this show.  it was alot of fun.
1. Half 'n Half